Step n2 the light Theatre Arts program

Join Disney Actress and EAS Coach Tri for our February acting workshops! 


-- We learn nerves aren’t negative, but just jitters that remind us we’re doing something great! 

— Learning acting techniques such as improvising and listening are skills that help kids adapt and cope with life changing situations as they get older.  

—The performance process teaches team work !

— Playing the role of someone else also teaches kids about empathy. They learn to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

— Performing arts are such a great way to express yourself and release energy or emotions. Being able to open up behind the name of a different character provides relief and can be used as an intermediary way to cope with whatever may be happening in the child’s life.

About Coach Tri!

Trina LaFargue is a New Orleans grown actress who’s been working in the industry for 12 years now. She has had recurring roles in hit shows such as Claws, Queen Sugar, and now Disney's first-ever mystery series Secret's of Sulphur Springs and she doesn't just light up the small screen. Trina can also be spotted in the blockbuster hit Five Feet Apart!


Coach Tri is a passionate actor, counselor, and career coach. She offers counseling sessions where she loves to help out up-and-coming actors of all ages. She works with them on character building and how to audition and present yourself as an actor and not get scammed by other companies.

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