All Star Spotlight on: Regions Bank

In gratitude to our community partners who help push Excite All-Stars forward, we are thrilled to announce our April All Star Spotlight on: Regions Bank!

Regions Bank has been a valued community ally since 2016 after members of its Community Affairs team met with Coach Penny and Gerald and saw their true commitment to the EAS mission.

Kids in New Orleans EAS class sponsored by Regions Bank

Since then, a meaningful partnership was established to support the impactful contributions EAS makes toward the lives of its mentees and the New Orleans community.

“Excite All-Stars uses educational and athletic experiences to teach valuable life lessons and provide leadership skills to so many New Orleans-area youth who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds,” said Mike Scott, Senior VP and Community Development Manager for Regions. “The investments Excite makes in the lives of these young people continue to pay dividends, as many of these students go on to college, pursue rewarding careers, and become productive members of our community.”

New Orleans Kids talking during Excite All-Stars class

All Star Spotlight on Regions Bank

Excite All-Stars impact wouldn’t be possible without All-Star partners like Regions Bank. They have turned their intentions of community engagement into a real, life-changing commitment to help level the playing field so more people have a chance to succeed within the communities Regions serves.

“This is more than a nice sentiment. This is part of a clear strategy at our company,” said Mike. “We live here. We work here. We see ourselves as partners in the success of our communities.”

Changing Lives through Community Engagement

four All-Star kids working at a table

Regions Bank adopted their more strategic approach toward community engagement, in 2018. Since then, they remain dedicated and focused on creating and supporting more inclusive prosperity and efforts to move New Orleans forward.

“At Regions, we are working hand-in-hand with organizations to achieve our shared goals of racial equity, expanded opportunities, and a more just society where everyone can prosper,” said Mike.

The effects of such corporate social responsibility are evident, as it has given organizations like EAS the ability to make a difference in the lives of nearly 4,800 families, and counting, in the Greater New Orleans area since our inception.

New Orleans Kids listening to speaker during EAS leadership class
“We are constantly seeking innovative ways to support and create greater financial wellness. As more people become financially secure, there’s a tremendous benefit for them personally, for their family and for our community as a whole,” said Mike. “We’re also investing in education and workforce readiness programs that are preparing people not only for the jobs of today -- but also the careers of tomorrow. And we thank Excite All-Stars for the role they are serving every day.”
New Orleans Regions Bank Logo

Likewise, we thank Regions Bank for its long-standing commitment to our mission, our young people, and our vision for their futures. You can learn more about Regions Bank and how they are impacting and engaging the New Orleans community here.

Learn more about how you can support Excite All-Stars' mission of helping each and every child find their inner All-Star by visiting our website here.

You can view other All Star Champions here, who share the spotlight with Regions Bank by their support in the EAS mission and their ongoing dedication to changing lives in the New Orleans Community.

To learn more about the work Excite All-Stars is doing in the New Orleans community, visit our website or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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